Buy Holy Land

Your Piece of the Holy Land

Own 4 Amot

Own 4 Cubits (4 Amot) of land in the beautiful Galilee
2 meters x 1 meter = 2 meters sq.

Only $360!

Includes full legal registration

Only $360!

Includes full legal registration

Your Own Land in Israel with Government Registration

In generations past, Jews were thankful for a small bag of soil from the holy land of Israel.

Agricultural mitzvot can only be enacted by land owners in Israel.You could fulfill these mitzvot even from afar by acquiring a small plot of land in the country of our forefathers and foremothers.

With a very small investment you can become a registered land owner in Israel.

Through our organization your plot will be tended by Jewish agricultural workers and you will be assured of trumah, maiser and shmittah observance.

Your investment will fortify Jewish sovereignty in the Galilee.


Rabbinical Endorsements

Get Your Piece of the Holy Land!

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